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Gabe the Grad

We were so grateful to have Gabe as one of our first Senior Grad clients since our move to Portland. As much as we were warned how "awkward" it might be, he honestly slayed his first real photo shoot!

We like to keep things simple and fun for our clients, so they can enjoy the session, and relax enough to fully be themselves. We firmly believe that the most beautiful images are caught when our clients aren't so worried about posing, but are comfortable in a familiar element.

Similarly, we got Gabe to that place mentally, by having his girlfriend pose in a few images. We casually strolled around Downtown Portland, looking for a variety of cool back-drops and settings, to keep the photos modern and artistic, but still fitting for the classic "Senior Portrait" objective.

Although it was a tad gloomy and grey, we found ways to compensate with pops of color in clothing and landscaping whenever we could. But in reality, as we all quickly and comfortably admitted, this Is Portland. It gets gloomy. We live through it. Power through it. Beautiful days make it all worth it.

We strolled around town for the full 90 minutes, making sure to touch on every vibe we could manage, to really reflect the diversity that is Portland. Gabe did a great job, and his budding confidence, and encroachment on educational freedom, definitely shone through in these images.

We look forward to pursuing a variety of senior portrait projects, here in Rose City, very soon.

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