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Candid Newborns for a Sleepy Baby

newborn baby photos

This little angel was so sweet, but him and his amazing parents were so fresh to their new life that they were truly exhausted. This session was actually supposed to be a MATERNITY session; that's right, little man came a couple of weeks early! So we decided to push back a few weeks to give them time to adjust and then do a newborn session instead! I have a very particular way of doing newborn sessions because of their fragility and temperaments at this age. A lot of times parents feel that they can't be involved because they don't have time or space to make themselves presentable. But I always try to find ways to work around that, and give them confidence that they WILL want to remember this moment no matter what!

candid baby photography
candid baby photos for newborn
intimate family photos

It was important to me to make sure to capture some sweet moments of both mom and dad with the baby, as well as some close up shots that feature the sweet little man so that his parents could show him off to their loved ones. Once he was fed and being held by momma he was in a sweet and happy mood that provided a few minutes of tenderness for us to capture.

sweet intimate candid newborn baby photo


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