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Celebrating 25 years of Love on the USS Wisconsin

I originally got this booking and was nervous and excited as the plan was to shoot on the Norfolk Naval Base. The hubby is retired Navy and the two of them still have clearance and IDs to get on base, however, I could not be cleared for photography. The clients were a bit disappointed but then recommended we check out the historical USS Wisconsin docked in Norfolk.

It turned out to be such a fun experience and we had so much freedom to roam around the ship that we would have never had on base. Aside from a few people being in shots here and there, and an eminent rain storm hovering around, this session was seamless and a delight to capture.

I encouraged them to play and enjoy the memories that overcame them, as they thought about their 25 years of love and the hubby's service to our country. They laughed, held each other, and kissed around every corner. All the other ships' visitors were in awe of how lovely they looked and asked so many questions about his service.

Congratulations to these two love birds again on their 25 years of marriage and their service to our country!


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