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Fall Engagement at the Park

I had an absolutely delightful time capturing these too at the end of Fall. There was just enough color left in the trees and all the fallen leaves on the ground added a beautiful touch. The Miyazaki Japanese Garden in Virginia Beach is one of my favorite outdoor locations to photograph within. It is ever-changing and each couple or family finds the hidden gems that speak to them the most. This session was no different.

It was a pretty cold day, although you might not be able to tell from all the love and warmth of this sweet couple. I always like to make sure my clients are comfortable throughout the session, so what you don't see is how often I was holding her coat for a few moments and then giving it right back so she could stay warm between shots.

I honestly owe so much of the beautiful success of this session to the overflowing love, and comfort, these two shared in their time together. They were unafraid to show their personalities and the fullness of their relationship in front of my camera, and I am so grateful that they were able to trust me in that way.

I am very much looking forward to many more beautiful outdoor sessions in the coming year and expect that I will continue to attract fun, brave, and dedicated couples that wish to capture their love in the purest and most natural ways.


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