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Virginia Beach Proposal

What started off as a gloomier Virginia Beach evening, eventually blossomed into a beautiful and colorful sunset I won't soon forget... I got a call about this surprise beach front proposal and was instantly eager for the day to come. These are some of my FAVORITE types of sessions as they are an easy delight to capture due to the absolute abundance and overflow of love.

These two were no different...

After some coordination to capture the exact moment this gentleman popped the question, I arrived early and got settled into a good spot, informed and communicating a bit, undercover, we were able to time things perfectly. After she said YES (of course), we took a few more photos on the beach while reveling in the immediate bliss.

Soon we were all ready for a break from the wind and decided to escape indoors to see what we could find. Since they had a room at the Marriot, we walked through and found this really interesting light wall near the lobby that was somewhat private and provided for a great backdrop.

The lovely couple also had the idea of heading up to their balcony to try to capture a few more wind-free shots as well, and it turned out to be a wonderfully intimate moment with a great view.

We then decided to run back outside for the last 5 minutes and capture what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful sunset. We shot a few last-minute ideas and re-did a few poses we loved to see what magic we could capture with the beautiful backdrop quickly slipping away.


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