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Mother's Day Gathering in Sandbridge

Large family sessions may seem intimidating at first, not just for the families, but for the photographer as well. Getting everyone together, in matching clothes, and keeping little ones clean and tidy until the sessions are over, months of planning what to wear, and tons of money spent on bringing everyone together. It takes a lot of trust in all parties to show up and give their best, but most of all being prepared for any scenario. My number one rule: HAVE FUN!

This sweet family group was no exception to the fun and love they were willing to share together. To celebrate the matriarch of their family on Mother's Day but also come together as a whole and unite their individual family groups under one roof, at the same beautiful beach.

I loved capturing sweet moments with each parent and their children, allowing them to get the most out of their session fee, not only as a large group but as individual family groups having their own memories as well.


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