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Anniversary at the Cavalier

When I got the booking info from this sweet hubby I was so excited for this session to come. J wanted to surprise his lovely wife with a photoshoot on their 8th wedding anniversary vacation. As soon as I knew where they were staying I was counting down the moments to photograph their love in such an incredible location.

We really wanted some nice photos in front of the Cavalier floral patch but unfortunately, they were setting up for an event in the yard.. The couple almost declined photos in front of it - but I said "HECK IT, let's do it anyway" and they agreed. I am glad they did because even though there is some stuff going on in the background, their love is still the focal point!

This location was beautiful inside and out with endless opportunities for beautiful backdrops. But J and E undoubtedly stole the show with their outpouring of love for one another and a total joy to be celebrating 8 years of happiness together!


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