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Vineyard Proposal

Something we absolutely love, and do not get enough opportunities to do, is photograph SURPRISE events - much like this amazing beautiful vineyard proposal we shot this week!

David reached out to me just a few short weeks before they touched down here in Portland for what was being disguised as a "birthday trip" for David. He originally wanted to propose at Multnomah Falls, but due to the unfortunate Eagle Creek Fire - that just wasn't possible. However, we were quick to discuss alternatives, and find this gorgeous vineyard, not too far from the city, willing and able to accommodate us for bit.

We were, admittedly, a bit nervous about the whole thing, because why would a photographer be hanging out, giving vineyard tours? We did not really think far, honestly, but in hindsight, it was a plan most sober eyes could see through. Lucky for us, Marsha, the beautiful bride to be, had little to no idea what was going on, until David got down on one knee.

Of course, as soon as he goes to propose, the beautiful Oregon rain starts trickling down on us, but these two weren't going to let anything get in the way of them basking in this beautiful moement. After a quick toast inside, and a shedding of bulky jackets, we made our way out to explore the vineyard and snag some shots of this newly engaged couple, soaking in the glow.

David and Marsha were wonderfully easy to capture, from beginning to end, and the conversations we had while walking the grounds was refreshing and inspiring. I look forward to following them as they continue into this shared journey of life together.

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