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A Wedding on the Lake

It is always an honor and pleasure when a friend asks you to photograph their special day. It was no different when Evie and Mario asked us to tag along to Lake Tahoe when they officially said their vows in front of friends and family.

These two had already been married for a few years, but because of travel complications, finances, and inappropriate timings, they never had an actual ceremony surrounded by loved ones. After nearly 10 years of being together, they finally made it happen, and boy, was it beautiful.

We had never been to Lake Tahoe, so we were honestly overwhelmed with the beauty upon arriving to the venue. Mario and Evie had rented a huge and gorgeous cabin, right on the lake, and surrounded by their best friends, and their family, they put together one of the most breathtaking, handmade, self-done weddings, we had ever seen.

Everything from the cake, to décor, to the headpieces and food, these two and all of their troops, came together as one well-oiled wedding slaying machine. We enjoyed the day, just as another guest of the wedding, but with a special goal, in our line of site always; doing our best to capture every beautiful

moement of this adventure.

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