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Artsy & Abstract - A 3yr Old Session

Sometimes parents are torn between forcing their young ones to get dressed up, and pose in front of a camera, despite how much they hate it and the fit they are bound to throw - and, of course, having some beautiful photos of their children to remember them at every age. It can be a battle, to hire a photographer you can trust to keep your little one's focus, make your 45minute session actually worth the cost, travel, new outfit, and fuss over their hair.

This eternal dilemma for parents of kids aged 6mo-4yrs, is why I think the new wave in child photography will be images that are more "artsy" or may even be considered "abstract". The ability of a photographer is based solely on how well they can deliver when faced with a challenging work environment. Some photographers walk away and think, "Hey, I got 3 good photos, that is probably enough," while I am hoping and praying I've got one good shot per minute, because that's how much fun we were all having!

Little Miss Annabell is practically my niece, and I've been lucky enough to watch her grow from the womb to the now beautiful little girl full of "whys" that she is. I can tell you that the easiest session we'd ever had with Bell was a few weeks after she was born. Since then, it has been an adventure, and a challenge we've all enjoyed.

We started in Bell's backyard, with her trampoline, a place she had control over, and could fully enjoy. Then we decided to take Bell exploring to a nice little tree park, followed up with a favorite playground of hers, in order to keep her having fun, and provide the opportunity for some nice natural smiles.

Annabell, as naturally beautiful as she is, makes my job just that much easier, but capturing the joy of a curious child, in a habitat where they feel and are fueled by the adventure that is life, is what makes my job worth it.

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