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Elsie and Andy by the River

Elsie and Andy had the most beautiful, natural, raw wedding that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. From all of the fresh flowers, to the fresh food, adding in the fresh, summer, north western air, it was an all around delight. While waiting for the bride to arrive, their friends and family members enjoyed a happy hour in the trees, sharing stories and plates, taking in the light and airy vibes.

There were so many little ones, running around, playing in the trees, with bubble guns, and snacking on all the fruit, it was a blessing to experience such natural joy and wonder.

Also, there were dogs.... Lots of dogs. Seven to be exact. And ONE was even in the wedding - as the best man. Meet Archer:

Archer was stoked to get all dressed up, and stand by his best friend's side, but he was even more excited to be accompanied by all his best pals.

After the ceremony, while every one else was getting the fire going for the BBQ, I stole Elsie and Andy away from the party, and forced them to take some gooey photos by the river. Coincidentally, Elsie and Andy had floated down this river with their friends earlier in the day, and I thought it was so special they wanted to commemorate their experience by taking some photos by the river as well.

It was easy to see, by this point, Andy was getting increasingly uncomfortable in front of the camera. This is totally normal, usually in my photo sessions, one person is a little less comfortable than the other, so it is important to work to get them more comfortable, in order to get the best photos possible, in a short amount of time. So, Elsie and I encouraged him to explore and do things he wanted to do, leading to some rock skipping.

Then Elsie wanted to get in the water and play - and you know I encouraged that!!

All in all, it was a beautiful evening at a beautiful Oregon park, and I am once again reminded how beautiful this life can be.

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