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Lynn and Aaron in the Mountains

Lynn and Aaron had a beautiful end of Summer wedding in the Oregon hills. We drove out to Lynn and Aaron's delightful venue, a family ranch, Rebers Riverside.

We started up in the family lodge, taking some photos of the ladies finishing their preparations, and getting some quick detail shots of the rings, and the surrounding beauty.

We then got to do, quite honestly, one of our favorite things, and capture a first-look between Lynn and Aaron. With the mountains as the backdrop, we couldn't help but obsess over this delightful mo(e)ment.

White we were up in the hills, we decided to take some wedding party photos in the same backdrop. It was a wonderful choice, and we got so lucky with the beautiful blue skies, and lovely warm sun.

Lynn and Aaron had a gorgeous ceremony and reception, enveloped in nature. The river running alongside the location was a delightfully energetic feature, that brought a certain peace to the entire affair. The dainty lights, and candles, kept the whole thing intimate, and honorable to the natural beauty surrounding.

Every detail had an element of nature, blending in beautifully with every aspect of the farm, and the valley that held it so warmly.

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