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Loved for 1,000 Years

Deb and George have an incredible Love Story. One that I will remember for 1,000 years myself. Meeting as juniors in High School and spending a summer in Europe, singing and getting to know one another. Breaking up, and meeting other people and starting families. Reconnecting, and separating again. Until. FINALLY. They exchanged wedding vows, and committed the rest of their lives to one another in front of family and friends from all over.

Deb's sister is a music teacher, and some of her students came and sang and played music before and throughout the ceremony. The talent was incredible - but it was also a lovely allusion to Deb and George's young love connection through music.

After Deb and George finally said their vows, Deb turned around to look at the audience, let out a YIPPEE! And gave us all a thumbs-up, the glow and glory of their love shone right out of her and filled the room.

After the ceremony, and a delicious lunch. Deb and George's close family and friends, retreated back to their home, and enjoyed the rest of the evening in each others company. It was a blessing to witness this journey, and my greatest gift as a creator, to capture and keep these moe-ments alive, forever.

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